From a very early age, physical activity has always played a big role in Else Lautala’s life.


Else, who has placed in the top five of international fitness competitions over 40 times, managed to find a way to keep fit far away from home.


Else has also helped and inspired many athletes on their journey.


Not only here, but also in Facebook and Pinterest you can find Else´s site.


Full Name: Else Irene Lautalaelse_stand
Residence: Helsinki, Finland
Born: April 4, 1979
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 123 lbs (competition), 128 lbs (off season)
Competing Fitness: Since 2001

We know we “should” exercise. 

We may even want to exercise or at least we say so, but by the time we carve out an hour, get in our workout clothes, drive to the gym, come home, shower, and get dressed, it is just too much. It’s enough to make you not even want to try, right?